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Our team of architects, designers, and estimators will complete takeoffs and provide an accurate bid. Our design department inputs your plans and sends each component to the shop for cutting and assembly.

While your grading and foundation crews are working, so are we. Our experienced framing crews, with state-of-the-art technology, assemble your precision built panels in a controlled environment.

Our products are constructed with the finest materials available. We use strict quality control measures to ensure superior strength, durability, and quality.

After your panels are built, they are bundled, labelled, and delivered directly to your job site according to the production schedule, ready to be assembled.

We provide exceptional quality, workmanship, supervision, quality-control foremen, and dependability while exercising all safety procedures. We also provide certified forklift and crane operators to manage our various equipment.


The Process

  • 01
    Provide Us Your Plans
  • 02
    We Build Your Panels
  • 03
    We Deliver Your Product
  • 04
    We Install Your Panels
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The Benefits

With this innovation of panelized framing of homes, homeowners can have confidence in the builder that their home is built with the upmost precision, professionalism, in climate controlled environments with state-of-the-art technology, using the best materials available on the market. Homes are built with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. In addition, the homeowner has the assurance that they will be moving into their new home on time and according to schedule


At every stage of the project we find opportunities to save you money. From responsive service to our seamless process and proprietary technologies, every detail counts when it comes to your bottom line.


Completed and ready for placement, prefabricated wall systems typically use less wood volume and require less construction time; that means significant savings for builders.


Construction waste is significantly reduced by using prefabricated wall systems. The PANELS.CA solution is proprietary to us that results in minimal error.


Panelizing your structure cut conventional onsite framing time by 60%. Raw materials are manufactured in our facilities as we prepare the site for installation.


With our precision system comes a durable end product to support your customer's satisfaction rating. We work to build long-lasting relationships with our partners so we can continue to build sustainable developments together.


We introduced techniques to support HVAC, plumbing and exterior systems to improve the accuracy with a holistic strategy to continue to lead the panelizing market.

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